Advantages Of Remote Surveillance Monitoring For Business Owners

Years ago, business owners could rely primarily on locks and bolts to keep their property safe. However, thieves have become increasingly sophisticated and crafty. As a result, the products used to protect businesses have also become more advanced.

Many business owners now have the ability to remotely monitor their property. Here are some of the advantages of remote surveillance monitoring.

Round-the-clock Monitoring

With remote surveillance, business owners don't have to remain onsite in order to monitor their business. They can review live or recorded footage from multiple devices, including laptops and cell phones, using mobile applications at any time of day or night.

In order to access the footage, the business owner is only required to log into the system. This login can be performed anywhere and at any time, as long as the user has internet access.

Offsite Freedom

Business owners and their security personnel don't have to remain tethered to a building to monitor their property and respond to suspicious activity. Business owners can monitor at home, during business trips, or even while on vacation. 

Multi-camera Access

Remote surveillance doesn't eliminate the ability to monitor a site using multiple cameras. If multiple cameras are needed to monitor a building, the video feed from each camera can still be accessed remotely, using the designated mobile application. Multi-camera access is particularly helpful if the business property includes a large amount of square footage or multiple buildings.

Fast Recognition of False Alarms

False alarms occur even with the best surveillance systems. Often, when an alarm is tripped, the property must be visually inspected to determine what tripped the alarm. However, checking a building in person can be time-consuming and dangerous.

Remote monitoring allows the property to be checked quickly and safely. If a real threat is found, the proper authorities can be notified immediately. If the alarm was tripped in error, the system can be reset.

Remote Control of the Security System

Remote applications for surveillance help business owners maintain control of their security system. Remote applications allow owners to disarm or arm their system from remote locations. Additionally, remote access can allow owners to open locked doors for employees who have forgotten keys. It can also help owners to secure doors that have been inadvertently left unlocked after hours. 

Individualized Notifications

Notifications associated with remote surveillance monitoring can be individualized to match the needs of the business owner. Notifications can even be automated for emergency situations.

For more information about remote surveillance using security camera systems, schedule a consultation with a security system specialist in your local area, such as from ASI.

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Years ago, business owners could rely primarily on locks and bolts to keep their property safe. However, thieves have become increasingly sophist